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    Is Your Website Too Difficult?

    While a good experience with your website doesn’t always lead to a sale, a neutral (or bad) experience hurts you. As someone who tests websites for a living, the biggest issues I see relate to the message and user experience. Business owners, solo practitioners, and creative boutique agencies work with me on short-term projects as a thinking partner to test an underperforming website or work out the kinks with a new site or redesign.  

    My "Rule of Thumb" for Testing Your Website

    In my experience, many web pages do not communicate value.  What is value?  I believe it is clear communication that engages the reader with new or interesting information and helps the visitor explore in an intuitive way. Too much effort, confusion, and boredom is the common enemy of a valuable interaction.  Your website needs user testing to remedy these problems.   

    How I Can Help

    Sales Copy

    I will critique or rewrite your original sales copy.

    User Testing Videos

    I will use screen capture video to record my thoughts as I explore a website or video at any stage in development.

    Page Mock-ups

    I will create a new mockup of a single web page to help you improve conversions including image research.

    Simple Business Website

    I will build a website to help you promote your business using a WordPress template.

    Avoid high bounce rates, fewer calls or sales, and worse -- complaints -- by working with me!

    Businesses and organizations that benefit most usually want clear guidance to make sure the layout for images and content enhances the user experience. With a background in website optimization and copywriting, I have a unique ability to create a clear message for your web pages to engage your visitor to take the next step.  I can help you avoid costly mistakes with your site that frustrate your visitors or prevent sales and leads.